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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a procedure that does not work by the prescribed commands. You need a flawless plan and to pay a price for its implementation to increase the financial efficiency of your health organization or simply look for the perfect outsourcing partner with a well-defined revenue cycle strategy and infrastructure. The majority of [...]
Healthcare organizations can start their digital transformation right from scanning and indexing the medical records. Doctor records, patient records, test results, employee records, consultation, and medication details all have to be properly maintained by a healthcare assistant. So, making use of paper records is not a wise choice. There are many problems associated with it. [...]
In the competitive world where the insurance companies operate, these businesses are challenged with strict compliance, regulations, and more expectations of the customers. Efficient insurance claim processing is important for the success of any small or large organization that works with the insurance industry. As part of better claim processing steps, strategies to reduce fraud, [...]
Outsourcing has become a trend nowadays. Being a healthcare provider, outsourcing your medical bills via medical billing service would be beneficial. This is because there can be situations where coding and billing mistakes arise, a need to safeguard patients' data, and also to handle poor cash recoveries. Through outsourcing, one can reduce the burden of [...]
With the rise in administration and back-office documentation in the healthcare sphere, hiring a medical billing service provider is regarded to be an effective option. Either you can perform the medical billing and coding in-house or outsource the requirements to a healthcare BPO company. Apart from the medical billing services, the back-office activities also cover [...]