August 8, 2021


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Common Medical Billing Mis-Calculations to consider

When caring for a patient and devoting your complete focus on that will surely result in small errors on your part or certain miscalculations in your charge entry or medical billing serviceNot only this, but errors can also occur while doing patient demography entry, claims submission, or even in pre-insurance verification.

If you are not strict to follow the medical billing service guidelines then it can for sure negatively affect your performance. To save your time and effort and also to improve your staff performance and profitability our medical billing service providers and experts would like to explain to you the mistakes that can occur in charge entry, pre-insurance verification, etc, and how to avoid them.

Charging twice

A very common mistake to happen during charge entry is to give the patient with multiple bills for the same test, treatment, or procedure. This can happen due to the carelessness caused by your staff which is often a big mistake on your part. Equal treatment is expected by each customer and when you fail to do so, they can be irritated or will even think of re-considering visiting you for a second time. Even without taking the test for a second time, if a patient has been charged, extra administrative work will be created for both employee and payer. By analyzed charging, you can avoid such kinds of errors.

Incorrect patient data

After the claims submission, getting rejected is often caused due to any mistakes caused in entering patient data. This is a repeated error caused by medical billing. Through double-checking, you should ensure that every data entered is correct before a claims submission, even for pre-insurance verification.

Miscalculations can be caused during entering the patient demography entry which includes name, address, sex, insurance information, etc. There can also be mistakes while you accidentally enter the patient demography data in the wrong patient record. A claim denial can be expected if the employees don’t recheck on the mismatched charge entry or data records of the patients.


Some procedures are done together for certain hospital medical billing codes. But if they are performed separately then it is called unbundling. Even if it is a simple error that is caused, it can’t be good as it is an illegal practice. This is why the after-effects of unbundling can be critical. But there are ways to avoid the mistake caused by unbundling.

As the medical billing codes keep on changing it is important to stay updated with the medical and billing codes. To keep updated, follow the latest healthcare regulations, new illnesses and their treatments. Also stay updated on new billing procedures.

Operating room miscalculations

In the healthcare industry, miscalculations can happen even in operating rooms. The anesthesia time in the operating room can be a risky factor in causing mistakes. Prior to coming to any conclusions, you should study about the time taken for anesthesia and also the time taken inside the operating room.

You can end up noting mistakes in time, even for a fifteen-minute operation. Through precise communication and reporting, you can avoid the miscalculations in time caused during anesthesia and operations. While dealing with so many tasks, it can be often forgetful or by mistakes that can make or break a life.

Incorrect codes

While entering the procedure code, a single slip of the hand can result in a mistake. The end result is that in every documentation or encounter form done, the mistake is typed in repeatedly. One mistake leads to a chain of mistakes. You can conclude that your staff is not using the latest coding rules if the claims are returning back to the hospital due to miscalculations caused.

The only way to prevent any issues caused to the healthcare industry is by avoiding medical billing and coding mistakes. Keeping updated on the latest medical codes and guidelines is important for this. Make your employees aware of the latest codes and techniques.

While dealing with healthcare, maintaining other tasks can be difficult. Without compromising quality, it is indeed a hectic task for the staff to perform the documentation. But with us, you can take your business to profitability by handling us with the documentation processes. We are experts in keeping your documents updated and avoid any mistakes along with timely execution. To know more about our services, connect with us at [email protected]

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