Case Study

A full scope of Back Office Support Solutions for US-based Health Insurance Company

The Client

A renowned US-based health insurance company, having a considerable and successful online presence with a specialization in attaining specific and favorable health coverage for employees in the US.


The client’s business expansion was at an incredible rate, wherein they had difficulty managing the increasing customer base. The scarcity of in-house resources and time could not correspondingly compensate for the growing customer base. So they approached us for a resolution and robust support which had long-term viability, and flexibility in scaling the project. They also wanted to redesign their processes by identifying key issues and root-causes to bring more efficiency in-house, without increasing expenses without compromising on quality.


We found various challenges that had to be dealt with and rectified quickly. They were:

  • Careful understanding and analysis of the client’s former work processes, to render enhanced workflows and assign an expert crew.
  • By considering the degree of seriousness and urgency, tasks were prioritized.
  • Improving the quality control process to make it error-free.
  • Quality control processes were enhanced and made multi-tiered to eliminate data inconsistency and errors.
  • Monitoring and controlling costs, resources, and time.

Our Solution

The solution we formulated reinforced and fulfilled all client requirements. The challenges were tackled straightforwardly in the following way:

  • New process workflows were designed that identified scope for improvement and eliminated any sort of process hold-ups.
  • Established a proficient back-office specialist team for dedicated assistance to the client’s in-house crew and process flow, even for time-consuming tasks.
  • Single point of contact established by a dedicated Project Manager, executing plans in a timely and strategic manner.
  • Established a bunch of experienced domain experts handling the multi-tiered quality control/assurance process.
  • We categorized tasks based on the level of importance and reassigned them to teams specializing in the task.
  • Tasks were designated based on priority and urgency and were assigned to our employees specializing in individual tasks.


he client received a 100% resolution for all their concerns through our strategic and successful implementations that enhanced their efficiency significantly. We also helped them achieve:

  • Improved productivity rates to almost 60%.
  • Reduced operational expenses and gained cost-savings of 45%.
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies.
  • Bulk volume of data was processed and completed within specified times.