A Case Study on Medical Billing Services

The Client

A US-based client who require robust assistance from a reliable offshore outsourcing service provider with quick project turnaround time in medical billing services, able to deal with a vast amount of voluminous unprocessed records, on-time.

The Business Requirement

  • The client was searching for a capable offshore outsourcing company able to handle bulk data with their medical billing services with a preference of time-zone advantage.
  • They had a huge backlog which needed to be cleared in a very quick time, while ensuring there were no delays in processing.
  • Completely process the accumulated records with accuracy, global standards and in a really sharp, quick TAT.


The expert medical billers at our firm faced certain challenges during the initial project stages. They were:

  • Commencing of the project immediately once the free sample was approved, within 36 hours through the client’s online portal and additional software.
  • There were backlogs which had to be processed soon in an almost narrow TAT window, that required the supervision of our highest professionals.
  • Secure and stable file transfer protocols had to be established majorly to work from the client’s portal and software with authorized credentials.
  • The technical department’s revised strategies in securing the entire network and assets of both the client and our company.
  • The client’s portal and software needed a tactical billing methodology for the project’s success requiring extra hours and effort from our experts.
  • Before project commencement, certain screening hours were put to use and also in getting accustomed to the client provided software and portal.

Our Solution

The professional dedication and expertise of our crew made it possible to effectively to meet all client requirements within the narrow timeframe.

  • The time-zone advantage offered by our company was set-up helping meet the per day project requirement and targets that accelerated our newly devised workflow and TAT.
  • Highly secure, and stable network connections were established that ensured no loss of connectivity with the client or during the processing times.
  • Expert medical billing personnel were assigned to the project under the strict supervision from managerial division successfully amplifying project efficiency.
  • Our crew were able to handle the client portal and software due to the prior training sessions that made us offer a commendable medical billing services clearing all client backlogs way ahead of final project delivery schedule.