Charge entry is an indispensable area in the process of medical billing. MediBilling Experts is top-notch and the globally well-established offshore outsource charge entry company. It is of greater importance to accomplish preciseness in the process of medical charge data entry services. Our team of billing specialists carefully execute the charge entry. The process of charge entry determines the reimbursement amount which will be received by the healthcare provider from the insurance payer.

Our Work Flow

charge entry services

The charge entry services rendered by the dedicated team at MediBilling Experts can be highly counted and depended upon. Our professionals understand the significance of charge entry in the medical billing cycle.

Our offshore charge entry process provides the finest management of the claims and reimbursements. The top medical billing charge entry outsourcing services offered by our proficient experts include the following.

    • Entering the billing information including patient details into the medical billing software
    • Creating a patient account (if one doesn’t exist) and feeding the details fetched from the input coded documents (sent by the healthcare firm)
    • Successfully entering and organizing the patient demographics and insurance details into the medical billing system
    • Executing an authentic quality check to assure the accuracy of medical history, billing details, social security number, and other essential details
    • Submission of the insurance claim to the insurance payer

Medical Billing Charge Entry Phases

  • Receiving the scanned copies of billing information from the client through FTP or email
  • Downloading the files and assigning it to the concerned charge entry team
  • Fetching the essential details (patient account number, paid amount, denial details) into the billing system.
  • Executing the analysis and quality check process under the assistance of our experienced quality check team
  • Once we receive the feedback from our clients, we will make the changes accordingly

Reasons to Hire Our Team

  • The qualified and expert team of charge entry professionals
  • Use of the contemporary technologies, software, and tools to perform the charge data entry process
  • Rendering the accurate result at a low operational cost and managing the monetary flow in your functioning
  • Excellent management of data security and sensitivity
  • Offering the required and customer-satisfied result within a shorter Tat (turnaround time)

If you feel, we can serve the charge entry in the medical billing process of your firm, reach out to our team at [email protected]