Industries We Serve For Medical Billing Services

Being the globally-established and well-acclaimed offshore outsourcing medical billing service provider, we successfully serve the varied clients across the world.

The medical billing expert team at the MediBilling possesses sound knowledge and greater proficiency and experience in performing the billing procedure. We offer consistent back-office support and documentation services to organize the revenue cycle, for further efficiency and flexibility.

The incorporation of the best and contemporary technologies into the mainstream functioning ensures to yield customer-satisfied result, thereby, minimizing the burden and risks of our client’s firms.

Studies have revealed that the healthcare and insurance sectors are among the fastest-growing economies around the world. Medical billing is a vital phase in both the insurance and healthcare business. Our streamlined medical billing services have proven to be highly beneficial and effectual for these two sectors.

Our Medical Billing Services for Healthcare Sector

Medical billing – Every hospital faces the dilemma of dealing with numerous bills daily for quicker reimbursement. Our proven methodologies executed by the trained and dedicated experts ensure in the flawless and on-time billing process. We render services about provider enrollment, charge entry, secondary insurance billing, electronic/paper claim submission, denial review, and management, recovering old account receivable, reviewing and analyzing the fee schedule, managing the reports, preparing and mailing the patient statements.

Medical Record Indexing – This is an important process concerned with every healthcare business. We ease the process of access, retrieval, storage, and update of the records in your EMR software. The medical record indexing process covers information such as clinical history, medical records, patient demography, health insurance ID, and much more related documents. Managing the patient records consistently is one of the topmost motives of our medical record indexing service. We scan and access the medical records, search for the patient name and details, and index the patient folder accordingly. They are reviewed, categorized, and examined by our indexing team with a careful quality check.

Healthcare Data Entry – The healthcare business has to engage with a bulk of data on an everyday basis, especially clinics and hospitals. As the data is stored in paper formats, digitizing of these documents and information has acquired a greater significance. And here comes our role, as our team of experienced data entry operators possess the ability to enter the information into an electronic format.

We aid the hospitals and clinics with precise, accurate, and zero-error healthcare data entry services. We capture and digitize the medical-related data from various input sources such as paper, books, images, online forms, and much more. This is followed by successful digitization of the data into our client-specified format for their greater business efficiency. The service also covers hospital records, healthcare records, demography entries, charge entries, image record data entry, medication records, lab, and surgery records.

Healthcare Analytic – Our healthcare analytic will render you with the support in the preparation of an in-depth study about hospital management, patient record, and diagnosis reports. We offer a mix of back-office and financial data to ease the existing procedures the healthcare and hospital management. Our healthcare analytic comprises of solutions associated with real-time analytic, healthcare predictive analysis, business intelligence, and modeling. Therefore, it simplifies the process of decision-making.

Medical Animation – Animation plays a crucial in the healthcare industry, in the present scenario. Our team of animators and editors will ensure to display the challenging medical concepts with the help of unique/trending animation procedures. We offer both 2D and 3D animation strategies to the healthcare business. We create interactive animations with the incorporation of illustrations such as model design, charts, or scientific models to fetch the attention of the audience and also, to ease their understanding.

Revenue Cycle Management – This is the underlying need and element of every healthcare business. Our revenue cycle model is developed in a way to make the process stronger, quicker, and efficient. Our strategies will aid you to maximize the revenue generated from the underpaid claims. We provide revenue cycle management services comprising of A/R management, denial management, processing of a payment, revenue recovery, and managing the patient data.

How Does the Insurance Vertical Benefit at MediBilling Experts?

As every insurance business has to deal and manage numerous claims every day, outsourcing the insurance-associated back-office services has become a common phenomenon.

At MediBilling Experts, our proficient team of processors carefully analyze the claims to meet the standards of accuracy and reliability. Our team also possesses a sound knowledge regarding medical jargon, procedural codes, and much more for ensuring better claim processing.

Insurance Claim Processing – Our professional team of processors will successfully process numerous paper and electronic-based insurance claims. We will enclose the following steps – converting the paper-based insurance claim forms into digital format, claim verification, validating the claims, claim processing, and streamlining the insurance data in an easily accessible format.

Medical Claim Processing – Our team has the potential to manage and organize all claims, especially the rejected medical claims. We deal with the multiple medical claim processing including the claim deficiency resolution, managing the claim-associated correspondence, verifying the claim substantiation, calculating and reporting the payment amount, and ensuring the customized claim medical claim processing solutions.

Revenue Cycle Management – There has been an emerging need for RCM (revenue cycle management), and our RCM services are designed to boost the revenue accomplished from the underpaid claims. Also, our process includes maintaining a constant follow-up with the insurance companies to enhance the settlements and payment collections. We offer the patient’s detail verification to understand if they are eligible for insurance, submission of the numerous insurance claims, denial management, and much more.

By hiring MediBilling Experts to serve your industry (healthcare and insurance), you are placing the crucial data of your business in the appropriate and secure hands. To explore more of our offerings and to experience a free medical billing sample, feel free to contact us at [email protected]