Medibilling Experts’ systematic and organized medical claims processing methodologies have been assisting healthcare organizations to achieve increased efficiency, revenue, and profits. We are committed to accuracy, competence and adaptability, incorporated across our entire gamut of medical claims processing services.

Our Work Flow

medical claim processing

The dynamics employed in our processes are modeled for enhanced claims operation management, developed with our vast healthcare sector experience and exposure. Medibilling Experts’ stellar healthcare claims processing solutions are highly capable of managing all sorts of claims, especially the rejected ones.

Clients are presented with consistent analyses with maximum efficiency around the multiple phases of the claim handling process.

Our outsourcing medical claims processing service are designed to reduce healthcare organizations’ internal operational costs, save resources and time, effectively.

The Wide Array of Claims Processing Solutions We offer

  • Patient eligibility verification
  • Reimbursement of primary/secondary claims
  • Rejected/denied claims management
  • Electronic remittance posting
  • Claims and remittance reporting
  • Processing of patient statement

All our processes ensure end-to-end support to various healthcare sector verticals such as practicing physicians, clinics, healthcare centers, hospitals, medical billing companies, etc.

Offshore Medical Claims Processing Services

  • Claim deficiency resolution
  • Claim substantiation verification
  • Claim-related correspondence management
  • Converting documentation into a searchable database
  • Preparation of affidavits and recommendations for distribution
  • Creation of case-customized claim forms and claims-processing requirements
  • Comprehensive reports provided
  • Payment amounts’ calculation and reporting

Outsourced Healthcare Claims Processing

  • Dental Claims
  • Insurance Claims
  • Pends/Correspondence
  • UB92/UB04
  • Miscellaneous (nonstandard/complex)
  • Vision Forms
  • Enrollment Forms Processing (EFP)
  • HCFA1500/CMS150

Why Outsource Medical Claims Processing Service to Medibilling Experts?

  • Swift claims filing and processing times with highly accurate, and quality outputs
  • Enhanced accuracy in outsource medical claims processing services
  • Cost-effective services that lowers your internal operational costs to a near half
  • Experienced and industry-competent staffing with deep-domain expertise
  • Absolute client data security and confidentiality
  • Futuristic infrastructure, ultra-modern tech facilities, software and tools
  • Up-to-date claims processing knowledge assuring compliance at all levels
  • Scalability in processes and flexibility in pricing

Partner with us for extremely proficient medical claims processing services having multi-faceted capability in handling challenges, at high accuracy, speed, quality, cost-effective pricing and regulatory compliance.

Mail us today at [email protected] and experience great benefits in outsourcing medical claims processing services for attaining a competitive edge.