Managing your medical billing process in the present healthcare sector is highly challenging and time-consuming. And here comes the prime role of medical billing outsource to tackle such complicated instances. ‘MediBilling Experts’, being the foremost and well-established offshore outsourcing service provider of medical billing services, ensure to render the finest solutions to both the healthcare providers and insurance companies.

Our Work Flow

medical billing services
  • Do you want to minimize the errors in the medical billing process?
  • Want to minimize the operational cost of your healthcare business and enhance cash flow?
  • Want to divert the focus on accomplishing patient care?
  • Want to maximize the effect of ‘revenue generation cycle’?

If you are seeking the solutions for the above put-forward dilemmas, hiring our medical billing service will be the viable choice for your healthcare business.

Our in-house outsourcing team comprises of consistent and professional coding and billing experts who will streamline your medical billing functions. We enhance the reimbursements through precise coding and effective revenue cycle management strategies. Our end-to-end medical billing services will act as an intermediate between the insurance companies and healthcare business.

Our team will aid you with the eradication of cash loss caused due to coding errors, non-reimbursed claims, left-out charges, and much more.

The predominant medical billing services and hospital billing services offered by MediBilling Experts include:

Our professional medical billing experts accurately enter the patient details including the name, date of birth, insurance details, address, medical history, etc. into the database at the time of patient’s visit. We authenticate these entered details and also initiate the necessary modification to the patient records (if needed) which is stored in the hospital database. This will ease your process of retrieving the required data from the database at any time.

The medical fee charges are directly entered into the practice management system. Our billing experts will ensure to cover all the essential details which are mentioned in the claim, followed by accurate filing.

We are proficient in dealing with both the manual and electronic claim processing. For the digital process, the insurance claims are entered into our electronic system through a practice management system. A consistent quality check is performed for both the electronic and manual claim submission and processing. In case of any errors or improvements mentioned in the feedback, we make sure to rectify them with utmost priority.

There are instances when we receive the patient details, demography information, or the copies of insurance cards through fax, secure FTP, or email. Once we get access to the data, our specialists will authenticate the insurance eligibility details by contacting the insurance companies. After this phase, a pre-certification is executed for conducting certain lab tests, surgeries, or diagnosis. The details are forwarded to the concerned clinics or hospitals in a specific format.

Every diagnostic information should be coded with the following – CPT and ICD-10 codes. These codes are supposed to be entered into the medical billing system for better efficiency. Our experts will streamline the coding procedure and will ensure to deliver accurate result with complete reliability.

Our efficient claim denial management is constructed in a way to enhance your billing process. Through our organized process, we will ensure that there are minimal or few denials. The denial management concept includes the processing and examining of claim denials. Our team will keep a thorough follow-up of the denied, pending, or improperly processed claims by contacting the payers, providers, or patients.

Hiring Medical Billing Services by MediBilling Experts

  1. Rendering flexible solutions
  2. Complete transparency and trustworthiness
  3. Enhanced data security and robust professional standards with multiple security layers
  4. A pool of multi-specialty experts
  5. Detecting and following the top billing and reimbursement trends
  6. On-time and improved internal communication
  7. Round-the-clock technical and support assistance
  8. Guaranteed client-retention

Generate around 20-30% revenue by outsourcing your medical billing service to our specialized team of billing experts. Being the globally leading and top medical billing company, we will ensure to serve you with the best.

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