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The concept of healthcare revenue cycle management is largely used by a majority of the hospitals or clinics for successfully managing all the administrative/clinical data. RCM also called ‘revenue cycle management’ is a procedure through which the healthcare practices can streamline the overall medical billing facilities, right from scheduling patient’s appointment to the final payment. [...]
Healthcare organizations can start their digital transformation right from scanning and indexing the medical records. Doctor records, patient records, test results, employee records, consultation, and medication details all have to be properly maintained by a healthcare assistant. So, making use of paper records is not a wise choice. There are many problems associated with it. [...]
Does Hand Sanitizer Help to Combat Coronavirus? With the outbreak and spread of Coronavirus, people are getting more concerned regarding implementing the necessary precautionary measures to protect themselves. And one of the most important measure includes using the best hand sanitisers. Using the hand sanitisers on an every day basis, will give you the confidence [...]