Why Charge Entry is Essential in Medical Billing

There are numerous processes involved in medical billing; it is not a simple process as is seen but something complex. It can include data entry, data processing, charge entry service, healthcare data process, etc. In a medical billing process, a charge entry service is considered the most relevant element as it will help us to know the amount to be repaid by an insurance payer to the healthcare provider. When presenting to the payer the coded documents should be right, that is why it is considered as the most essential part of medical billing. These can lead to severe implications and can affect the identity of an institution if the data processing isnot dealt with properly.

What is charge entry?

The charge entry service in medical billing mainly is the medical procedure codes and contains relevant data like when was the service provided, details of the health care provider, totally billed amount, etc. Also, a diagnosis code (DX) and procedure code (PX) based on the illness of the patient, different medical services are given, the date when treatment was received also are included.

Significance of charge entry in medical billing

The end result can be completely the opposite with a small mistake caused in the charge entry, which is why it should be handled patiently. Being the sensitive element in medical billing it is important to deal with it carefully as it determines in receiving an efficient claim filing.

So you should be thorough in ensuring the accuracy of the that will ultimately point to your amount of repayment.

It is important to keep in coordination with the data entry team and coding information as it can help you to get sustainable results in the medical billing process and healthcare data process. If you are worried about outsourcing your charge entry services, then our experts can handle everything for you efficiently.

The two main steps of the charge entry process are:-

  • Entering the medical billing data

This should include patients billing data which should be entered accurately. It should not contain any errors.

  • Assigning charges based on medical codes

For this process to be done the experts should have deep knowledge about medical coding systems and healthcare data processes.

What are the factors that come under charge entry?

Code of diagnosis
The date on which service was provided
Billing and rendering providers
Admitted date
Past referral

Relevance of charge entry in medical billing

To get reimbursement it is essential to have an error-free charge entry process, which is why it is considered relevant. There should not be any miscoded billing charges in it, so as to point out any issues in the claims. Only with the proper understanding of the coding process by the experts can this be achieved.

Ensure an error-free charge entry process in medical billing. These are the processes to follow:-

  • To get the patient’s data like their arrival, the number of medical services taken, etc a logbook should be kept. One should also check the patient’s previous account number in the medical record before beginning the treatment.
  • Within the healthcare organization, all the medical departments should have a charge sheet to keep a record of all the services provided and the treatment procedures.
  • Prior to entering the patient’s charge, it is essential to verify his/her account number. Also, all the charges must be dealt with closer to the day when the service was provided.
  • In order to ensure that the charges entered are appropriate one should connect with both the logbook and charge sheet.
  • To understand if there are any gaps to be filled or errors to be corrected, the administrators should conduct thorough research within the departments and take the necessary actions.
  • Also, the risk factors can be found out and effectively managed through a personal observation process.
  • To bring a balance in the quality of medical billing services it is best to conduct wide research on the standards maintained. This helps in accountability in a healthcare institution.

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Post by Jessica Dawson