How Medical Charge Entry Process strengthen your practice revenue

In medical billing, charge entry plays a key role. It is a vital process in the medical billing cycle where important inputs and details are entered to allow claim processing. The entered data must be free from errors. This is because it is easy to make any form of mistakes while the medical codes are being assigned leading to a revenue loss.

Always one must keep a note of the changes in codes as most of the charges and codes are updated often. Also, better coordination is essential between the coding team and the charge entry team to ensure whether the entries are error-free.

Key Performance indicators

These indicators are essential to analyze the medicalbilling charge entry process. The main performance indicators are:

    • Days to entry charges

It indicates the average lapsed days from the service date to the date at which the charge got completed and posted to the account.

    • Accuracy of coding

Coding accuracy involves the diagnosis of coding to ensure a proper form of billing and reimbursement.

    • Missing charges

This involves the appointments to which charges have not been posted.

Main medical charge entry process steps

1. Information entry

In medical charge entry processing, entering the patient’s billing information is a vital step. It involves including data like patient details, provider details, services achieved, physician reference, service place, diagnosis codes, and date of visit. This step has to be done with at most accuracy.

2. Charge assignment for Medical codes

Here the proper assignment of charges for medical codes is done. Through proper medibilling charge entry, proper reimbursements, no claim denials, and fewer errors could be achieved. Professionally qualified experts would be helpful for the step.

Strengthening the Practise Revenue through Medical Charge Entry

1. Proper Reimbursements

Always try to follow methods that help to assign correct codes in association with the service charges. The codes are the services that the physicians provide to the patients. To get the reimbursement, proper coding and charges are essential.

2. Eliminating Claim Denials

The correct form of charge entry will eliminate any form of claim denial. If the errors are not corrected and sent for claim approval, the reviewers would reject the claim due to the presence of mistakes. Once, the claim gets denied, again it has to be submitted for correction and has to wait for the approval. This involves a lot of time.

3. Reduce time to identify errors

The correct form of charge entry would reduce the time spent on errors. But if any form of error occurs it could affect the revenue cycle management and a lot of time gets spoiled.


In the charge entry process, the steps to manage it are files receipt, entry of patient demographic details, follow up of EOB, claim denial analysis, and client feedback.

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Post by Jessica Dawson