effectiveness of charge entry service in medical billing

Charge entry services in medical billing is the process of keying diagnostic and procedure codes from charge slips. It is the first and most important procedure in the medical billing field. Details such as admission date, date of service provided, details of provider, codes, etc. are the main content being dealt in charge entry.

The service encourages faster data capturing, and removal of errors. Proper charge entry can assist healthcare organizations to maintain uninterrupted cash flow, eliminate delayed payments, and reduce claim rejection or denial. With this error-free service, firms can receive timely and maximum payments for their claims.

But this process is prone to mistakes, leading to massive loss when it is done by amateur/in-house employees of organizations. However, outsourcing the same is more feasible. Due to the tempting benefits of proper charge entry processes, successful medical organizations outsource the same.

Steps that Make Charge Entry Highly Effective in Medical Billing. 

    • Billing Information Entry

This one can be described as the most crucial step in the technique of charge processing. A qualified team of specialists will carefully input all the data of the patient using advanced medical billing software and other tools. Moreover, they will ensure that all the data entered is correct and no faulty data is included.

    • Charge Assigning

If there is no existing patient account, the experts will build one using the available medical records, diagnosis information, test reports, etc. This is later entered digitally using the information in the coded documents to the new patient accounts. The experts will ensure an error-free entry with their keen skill sets that covers even the minutest billing details.

    • The Entry of Patient Demographics

This process is vital in medical data entry to eliminate any cases of claim denial. The patient demographics comprise patient account number, billed and allowed amount, amount adjusted, and paid. The charge entry service providers have the requisite facilities and qualified resources that guarantee the same. Hence, the entry of medical data and patient demographics will be precise. Also, they will successfully retain each patient’s insurance records.

    • Quality Check/Assurance

Quality check is the process of the ultimate cleansing of data that removes all left-over errors. The multi-level quality assurance process is done by the charge entry review team. This confirms the costs are properly entered into the billing system before submitting it to the insurance provider.

    • Submission of Charges

On completion of the previous steps, next is the submission of charges to the insurance payer. The experts will ensure that, with the aid of properly coded statements, for customers to obtain the right or maximum reimbursement, without fail.

These processes mitigate medical billing hassles and eradicate all possible errors that occur with it. With the right facilities and expert assistance, you can gain perfect charge entry that leads to faster clearance of claims.

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